Hi my name is Sharon. Out of necessity I decided I needed to clean up my act, in regards to getting chemicals and toxins out of our home. I found out not only did our lives have some improvement, but our home had a refreshing scent to it.  People would visit and would comment how wonderful our home felt and smelled.  I replaced all of the cleaning products with ones that you will find on this site. The sweet woman who helps me clean expressed the other day that other peoples homes make her feel sick but when she comes here her headaches go away and she has so much more energy. I was blown away! So I must be on the right track.  I then moved into skin products.  I have very odd skin (dermagraphism, look it up),  I started playing with organic plant based ingredients that could help my skin, and I believe it has.  


So now I am bringing to you these products.  What if you could customize your skin and home products so that they may help you with some issues you might have. For example I learned that Lavender may help with hair growth, so I put Lavender in my eye makeup remover. I put Lavender and Peppermint in my body cream and also in my laundry to help with itching & hives.


I have a blog that you also can learn how you can clean up your act.