This evocative blend was specifically formulated to be worn as a cologne to inspire attitudes of confidence and masculinity.  It is a  Shea Buttersoap with Shutran Essential oil blend containing which consists of Idaho Blue Spruce-has a fresh, woody scent that helps inspire feelings of grounding and balance.  Ocotea - has high level of sesquiterpenes and may help support  and balance the endocrine system.  Hinoki has a clean, woody aroma that is uplifting to the mind and is believed to impart a calming influence, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety.  Ylang Ylang- has a calming aroma that may influence sexual energy and enhance relationships.  Coriander - is believed to stimulate those with low physical energy and to help balance feelings of stress and nervousness.  Davana- may help stimulate the endocrine system and help ease anxious feelings and nervousness.  Cedarwood- has a soft, woody aroma that has calming influence.  Lemon- is often used for its ability to invigorate and to e

Shutran Bar Soap