The Happy Bum Diaper Balm not only smells amazing but works quickly. After using the balm the next diaper change was rash free. A little balm goes a long way! I also really like the Let the Sun Shine Sunscreen. I took my 6 month old to the pool for the first time and used the sunscreen and he didn't have any burns or redness!

Caroline from Facebook STC-Toxin Free


I have used my makeup wipes and makeup setting spray almost every day and they work even better than my drug store products! 
These wipes leave my face feeling clean and refreshed without the layer of film that i'm used to getting with my target wipes. Also whenever I accidentally got my old wipes in my eyes I would always spend time frantically trying to get the burning sensation out! But these essential oil wipes don't sting at all! I feel that they are also helping close my clogged and large pores on my cheeks! I will never use drug store products after finding these!
I also use her dish washing powder every time i'm washing dishes and they are all sparkling and smell great after taking them out of the washer. Thank you!

Holly- Facebook, STC-Toxin Free

I love the face wipes! They work so well I actually look forward to taking my makeup off. Plus I know I'm not putting anything harmful near my eyes! What a great product!!

Avin from Facebook STC-Toxin Free